June 10, 2023

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8 Unique Ideas for a Gift Exchange 

Doing a gift exchange with a big group of friends, coworkers or even extended family can be stressful. Especially if you end up having to shop for people that you don’t know very well or if you have a set budget. The good news is that there are plenty of crowd pleasers that you can choose from to give to your friends and family this holiday season. Here are some of our favorite ideas for a gift exchange.

  1. Cocktail Themed Items: For the friend or coworker who serves as an at-home bartender, here are some great cocktail themed gifts:
  2. Cocktail Shaker Set: A cocktail shaker set will usually come with a shaker, a spoon and a jigger. You can find these pre-packaged in gift sets for the holidays or pick out a few fun matching bar tools to make your own kit.
  3. Cocktail Kit: Another gift for a cocktail loving friend is a cocktail kit. These will come with all the ingredients and instructions that you need to make a delicious cocktail.
  4. Cocktail Recipe Book: If your friend or family member is into unique cocktails, give them a cocktail book to help them learn some new recipes. This gift also works well when combined with one of the other two cocktail kits that we mentioned previously.  
  5. Reusable Tumbler: Most people could get some use out of a good quality reusable tumbler. If you need a gift idea for a coworker or someone that you don’t know super well, this one is a pretty safe bet.
  6. Fun Kitchen Utensils: Kitchen utensils may seem like a lame gift, but if you find the right design, this gift could be a real hit. You can find oven mitts that look like lobster claws or a spatula in the shape of a fried egg. If you know your friend or family member likes to cook, try searching around for a fun and unique addition to their kitchen.
  7. Spa Items: Everyone could use a little rest and relaxation time every now and then. For the stressed-out person in your life, try giving them some self-care this holiday season with one of these great spa items:
  8. Bath Bomb: Bath bombs always make a fun self-care gift. They come in dozens of different scents and colors. Some come with glitter and others have dried flowers that rehydrate in the bath. Pick out a couple different ones for a cute gift idea.
  9. Face Masks: If you want to add some more bulk to your gift, add in a few face masks alongside the bath bombs. This way your loved one can put on a facemask as they soak in the bath for a complete spa experience.
  10. Humidifier: A humidifier makes a great gift for anyone who is interested in wellness. This cool mist humidifier ultrasonic is great for adding humidity back into the air which does wonders for your skin. You can find humidifiers at a range of price points and sizes so you can tailor your purchase accordingly.
  11. Loose-Leaf Tea: For hot beverage lovers there is no better gift than a quality set of loose-leaf teas. You can add in a nice jar of honey, a tea infuser, or even a cute teapot for a complete gift.
  12. Cheese Board: Charcuterie boards have been trending for years now, and for a good reason. Who doesn’t love the combination of cheeses, crackers and cured meats? But part of the deal with a charcuterie board is the aesthetics. Give your charcuterie loving friends a nice wooden cheese board to pull out the next time they host a party.  
  13. Nice Chocolate: It’s hard to go wrong with a gift when it involves chocolate. Something high-quality like some chocolate-covered strawberries, or dark chocolate truffles make a decadent gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.
  14. Wine: A bottle or two of nice wine makes a great gift for just about anyone. But combine this gift with the chocolates and cheese board and you’ve got the perfect gift for any wine lover on your list. You can even add in a wine opener or a couple of unique wine glasses if you want to spend a bit more money on your loved one.

Gift Exchanges Made Easy 

Try out some of these unique ideas for any gift exchanges you’re participating in this holiday season. While having to exchange gifts with coworkers or family members that you are not all that familiar with can be difficult, our gift ideas are suitable for just about anyone in your life.