September 23, 2023

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Analog Tank Driving Simulator Patrols A Tiny Physical Landscape

Analog Tank Driving Simulator Patrols A Tiny Physical Landscape

How do you make a practical tank-driving simulator in the 1970s, when 3D computer system-produced graphics are continue to just a fantasy of the long run? If you’re a European tanker faculty, the solution is to use a substantial CNC machine to push a digicam close to a miniature terrain model (German, translated). In the movie following the crack, [Tom Scott] will take it for a test drive.

The old computer was replaced with a Raspberry Pi
The original laptop or computer was changed with a Raspberry Pi

Designed in France, the simulator provided a safer and far more cost-successful way for teaching new trainees the fundamentals of driving Centurion, Leopard 2, or Panzer 68 tanks. The trainee sits in a realistic “cockpit” mounted on a hydraulically-operated movement system, with a Tv set display in front of his encounter, which is connected to a camera mounted on a massive gantry-fashion CNC system.

The camera’s lens is mounted just above a pivoting steel foot which slides across the 12 m-very long terrain model and sends its angle to the hydraulic process. It will even alter the tank’s dealing with centered on its present-day situation on the design to simulate distinct surfaces like filth, snow, or asphalt.

The last of these systems remained in use right until 2004 at the armed service schooling heart in Thun, Switzerland, in advance of getting saved by the Swiss Armed service Museum from currently being scrapped. The authentic 70s computer system, electronics, and hydraulics at last gave out, so the museum undertook a finish refurbishment of the technique to return it to doing work get for museum guests. It was saved as first as doable, but sections for the unique computer system could not be uncovered, so it was changed with a Raspberry Pi and custom made interface board.

In excess of 3 many years, these simulators possibly trained a couple thousand tank motorists, and even with limited technological know-how did an outstanding career of preparing trainees for the actual matter. Other than delivering teaching for operators, motorists and pilots, simulators are also just simple entertaining. We have noticed some outstanding residence designed simulator which includes a  A-10 Warthog, an F-15 sim built from an true wreckage, and even a starship’s bridge. out?v=AcQifPHcMLE