June 10, 2023

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Best in Ergonomic Chairs

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In rapidly developing and competitive world people have started spending long hours at work owing to the massive work pressure. Not only we spend long hours at work, but we have also stopped taking care of ourselves. This negligence to our body has resulted in various physical ailments that have started to become a part and parcel of our everyday lives.

Here, we would like to share a few tips that can make your life a little more comfortable during your work hours. One of the crucial aspects is to carefully choose your chair to ensure complete comfort.  Thankfully, we have the ergonomic chairs in the market that cater to this category. 

As most of the office management has started taking more and more care of their employees to give them the best time in office, ergonomic chair is especially designed for such mindful employers. These chairs help reduce pressure on the several nerves of the spinal cords thereby limiting the chances of muscular tension and various nerve diseases.

 They also help in maintaining the correct body posture. The ergonomic chair back support aligns the fore arms, wrists, lower back, head and neck in the correct positions providing fluidity to the sitting posture. 

Some of the best Ergonomic chairs that are available in the market are-

  1. Herman Miller Embody chairs– these chairs ranked the first in our list owing to the best features its processes.  The launching of this chair was an immense success with the offices as they focused on providing a relaxing posture while sitting on these chairs. 

These chairs are made in the shape of a human spine and has an exoskeleton that moves along with the posture of the body. 

  1. Steelcase gesture chair- these chairs have won many accolades as one of the best designed chairs for office and personal use. These chairs adapt to the various postures of the human body and slides along the back. The arm rest of the chair can be adjusted to offer maximum support to the arm for comfortable typing.
  2. Heman Miller Aeron Chair– These chairs provide the best lumbar support and had a comfortable head support. They are made of high-quality mesh fabric that gives it a professional look. Tese chairs are also available in various sizes and comes with 12 years warranty.
  3. Haworth Zody Chair– These chairs have been certified by several bodies for their advanced ergonomic features. The design of these chairs is a unique asymmetrical support system. This reduces the pressure and tension in the lower back and helps cure chronic back pain. The chair has height as well as arm adjustment as well as a 3-point tilt mechanism for better support.
  4. Steelcase leap fabric chair– These chairs are widely sold for office use as they are affordable and comes with many adjustments. Made with LiveBack technology as these chairs conforms with the various positions that our body tends to acquire while sitting. These chairs also have gliding technique that adjusts reclining, upright and tilt positions.