June 2, 2023

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Features of the Latest Qioptiq Mevis

The current Qioptiq MeVis has optical data similar to that of the MeVis-C with more compact housing. The C-mount lenses with fixed-aperture are available for high-performance imaging with low distortion, available in 50-mm, 35-, 25-, 16-mm focal length, and have sensors of up to 1 in.

Qioptiq Mevis Features

As a time-tested lens, Qioptiq Mevis has a rugged, compact housing with the highest imaging performance. With the Qioptiq Mevis-C lenses for the famous C-mount cameras, users can have up to 1-inch of sensor sizes. These lenses will be the perfect match for the recent high-resolution sensors. Users will have a sophisticated image processing task when they use Mevis-C lenses, with low brightness drop, great color correction and low distortion, and excellent high resolution over the whole image circle.

There are also MeVis-CF lenses, as developed by Qioptiq for the MeVis-C series. MeVis-CF lenses have more compact housing with long-established optics, and users can use them for the most rigorous tasks. There is also the application support for maximum image quality in a rugged and compact housing by the Qioptiq. They have identical optical data that are also similar to the established MeVis-C series.  The least possible space is enough for the lens with the fixed aperture as it prevents operator error. There are also different apertures of these lenses available in many variants. As such, getting unique aperture shapes tends to give it customer-specific versions.

Some of the other features include:

  • Availability focal lengths of about 50, 35, 25, 16 mm
  • C-mount of around 1-inch sensor size
  • Rugged and compact housing
  • Highest imaging performance

MeVis-C Traffic 25mm

A new 25 mm version lens is in the market specifically designed by Qioptiq for traffic applications optimization. People know the MeVis lenses for setting the standard regarding C-mount camera imaging quality. With this new 25 mm lens version, operators can have tools optimized for traffic applications. There are features like optimized color corrections that operators can count on to minimize their focus shift between near-infrared and white light.

There are two primary light sources operators use when it comes to traffic surveillance, and they are NIR flash at night with a maximum of 859 nm and Daylight with a maximum of around 550nm.

Compared to the standard version, the MeVis-C Traffic 25mm has the focus shift. And people will find the NIR area and the green light focus plane are identical. Users will have sharp images with this optimization regarding both illumination scenarios. Operators will also have a focus ring and adjustable aperture with the traffic version, to lock with set screws.

Apart from these high-performing lenses, Qioptiq MeVis has also developed a flo.x 2.8/3.35 mm lens that can maintain regular image quality over a large object distance range using internal high-speed liquid lens refocusing. People will find this new series’ first lens to be extremely compact. Not only that, but it generally features regular minimal brightness, exceptional color correction, and high resolution. Qioptiq’s dedication to a high standard is shown in the latest flo.x inspection lens sequences by packaging the sophisticated electronic focusing optics with a compact casing. With this, it can withstand any rough conditions.