June 2, 2023

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Great Sleep Gadget Gifts for Christmas 2011a

This the season for gift-giving and spreading holiday cheer. But it is also the time for meeting end of the year deadlines at work, dealing with crowded stores and generally just trying to get your everyday to-do-list done can be hectic. After work you go home fed the kids, help them with mi note 6 pro their homework and give them a bath.

By the time you have a chance to sit down and relax you are still keyed up from the day’s events. When you go to bed you toss and turn because your mind keeps racing, you look at your alarm clock realizing you are losing hours of sleep. Sleep gadgets can help but they do not replace healthy sleep habits. Making sure you try to keep to a bedtime routine and get the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Your sleep environment is also an important factor in getting a good night’s sleep.

Besides having a good, comfortable mattress your pillow is the next critical component. There is a website, sleep , that you can determine which pillow is right for you. Are you a side sleeper? Beyond Down Products are filled with a super-fine fiber that emulates the highest-quality European white goose down. The Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Bed Pillow is constructed with a 4 1/2-inch gusset and has a high crown that supports and maintains natural alignment for people who sleep on their side.

Aromatherapy reduces anxiety and there is evidence it even provides a relaxing effect for inducing sleep. Add products that contain lavender like an eye (mask) pillow, candle, incense or even a sachet under your pillow. If you don’t like lavender try rose or chamomile. Personally since I have skin allergies I couldn’t use a scented eye mask. If you have allergies or you don’t like a mask that rubs against your eyes Lights Out Sleep Mask is designed to allow Rapid Eye Movement (REM), the ultra-light mask promotes deep, rejuvenating slumber. Scientists have long known that REM sleep is the most crucial part of the sleep cycle.

This lightweight, luxuriously cushioned mask blocks out light, and is specially molded to allow complete eye movement (unlike many eye shades that can press against your eyes) for a deeper, more restful sleep. Has an elasticized strap with Velcro closure for a comfortable fit. Remember light is one of the biggest factors that tells your body that it is time to be awake. Melatonin the hormone that controls your sleep cycle is produced at night, so turn down your lights and use a mask if you can’t control external light especially if you are travelling. If you like to read at night when you get your “me” time use a book light or change your bedside light bulb to 45 watt. Does your partner snore? Beside wearing earplugs you can try a sound machine that has various soothing sounds including ocean waves, rain or white noise.

There are many models on the market today. You can also download some calming music to your Mp3 player or iPod and plug it into a pillow with speakers. The Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow SP-150 allows you to enjoy your favorite music or sounds in optimal relaxation and comfort. This pillow has two high fidelity ultra-thin stereo speakers located deep within the pillow surrounding your head in sound. These sleep gadgets can sure help you or someone you know that has trouble sleeping. A gift of sleep is truly a gift of health.

If you have had trouble sleeping for two weeks or more you should talk to your health care provider. Sleep deprivation can lead to other health issues including diabetes and heart disease and having difficulty sleeping can be a symptom of an underlying health condition. The content provided in article is for information purposes only, intended to raise the awareness of different solutions for you or your families sleep problems and should not be considered medical advice. For medical diagnosis and treatment, please see your qualified health-care professional.