October 3, 2023

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New Renaissance Engineering and the Fate of Homo Entropicus

The difficulties experiencing human survival can be solved. The fossil record of the humanoid sphenoid bone, tells us that every single time that bone changes its shape, a new humanoid species emerges. It has been obviously observed that it is now changing condition, and therefore the present-day human species is coming into into a new period of existence. The question occurs, can technological know-how supply a tranquil changeover into the extra superior entire world of our children’s small children? The solution is a scientific certainly, but it will call for a new technological knowledge of ethics, which at current is not part of our technological lifestyle. This essay provides the resolution to that issue, which has started to be comprehended via an comprehension of a new existence-science chemistry.

A factual classification of the present human species, in just the realms of modern technological innovation is essential. The time period Homo Entropicus is the appropriate terminology. Modern science, technology, politics and economics are completely governed by the next law of thermodynamics, or the regulation of universal entropy, regarded also as the law of common chaos. Einstein’s understanding of that regulation, which he named the Premier legislation of all science, does indeed define an factor of reality, but not all of it.

The new daily life-science chemistry has been very well and certainly learned, and it clearly explains that the entropic energies of the universe are remaining well balanced by the evolution of consciousness. This is specifically the truth that the Nobel Laureate in Medication, Szent Gyorgyi insisted upon. Nano-technological innovation has verified that this evolutionary operate is performing inside the DNA, in defiance of our obsolete comprehending of the decay energies of common entropy.

The tranquil technological transition into the future is directly connected with the optical holographic engineering ideas connected with the evolution of human consciousness. This can be demonstrated to be an moral scientific procedure by comparing the new discoveries in chemistry with the primary Platonic definitions of Western daily life-science logic, which also, in result, denied that entropy have to govern all technological innovation.

Classical Greek lifetime-science, represented by the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy, was about fusing ethics into the design of truth proposed by the philosopher Anagaxoras. His Nous was about the drive of gravity pulling particles in space jointly to make worlds which rotated in harmonic spirals to evolve consciousness. Sir Isaac Newton, in his unpublished heresy papers, made use of the engineering rules of the Nous particle motion, to uphold his “more profound pure philosophy to stability the mechanical description of the universe”, which these days accurately worries Einstein’s unbalanced comprehending of universal entropy.

Amy C. Edmondson is the Novartis Professor of Management and Administration at Harvard Company Faculty, in which ethics and company methods are investigated. Within her biography of Buckminster Fuller, is a mathematical treatise about Plato’s moral discovery, from which, she describes, Fuller derived his synergistic daily life-force concepts, now observed to be performing in defiance of the present unbalanced knowing of the science of demise that governs the thoughts and steps of Homo Entropicus.

We know to treat the Platonic-Fullerene chemistry critically, due to the fact of Fuller’s urgent warning about creating the technologies of Utopia rather than Oblivion. Furthermore, in his famous 1959 Rede Lecture at Cambridge University, the Molecular Biologist, Sir C P Snow, referred to experts, who have been unwilling to balance their insufficient knowledge of entropic law with the dropped Greek science of daily life, as scientist who ended up endangering the survival of civilisation. The answer to this dilemma consists of a new scientific understanding about the logic included in relating reasoning about faith and human emotion issues within the emotional consciousness of Homo Entropicus.

In basic, mother and father who relate ethical wisdom with spiritual educating may well make a decision to ship their small children to acceptable preschools, schools, and colleges that are connected with religious tuition. In adult daily life such college students could select universities with spiritual traditions, even though some others may possibly decide on those people universities that are referred to as secular universities. Nevertheless, in general, graduated college students should all eventually conform to the accepted legal guidelines of science, be it in just physics, chemistry, medication, politics or any other approved vocation. Ordinarily, a Doctorate gets a measure of proficiency in any unique subject, the letters Ph.D. denoting Health practitioner of Philosophy, but 1 with out any factual association with the Classical lifestyle-science that those letters are assumed to depict.

Educated spiritual academics may well take into account that they are capable to utilize sensible debate with their fellow educated secular protagonists. It is of essential great importance for equally sides to realise that their logic base belongs to the very same unbalanced comprehending that is funsmental to the mentality of Homo Entropicus. Whichever line of reasoning that they undertake to examine about their variations, it sorts element of an unlimited emotional and scientific illogic. Some may possibly argue that it is not achievable to have a scientific understanding of emotion and spiritual reality. This is incorrect, as the new spiritual or holographic chemistry, most undoubtedly does embraces both equally.

The NASA Superior Energy Astrophysics Division Library has posted papers arguing that the Nous of Anaxagoras is upheld by a fractal existence-science logic, which is an extremely hard idea inside of the the globe-see of Homo Entropicus. Dr Candace Pert’s Molecule of Emotion, discovered in 1972 seems to perform in just a universal holographic ecosystem that employs Plato’s religious engineering principles to evolve consciousness. In 1990 the the World’s biggest technological investigate institute IEEE, SPIE Milestone Series, reprinted the mathematical proof that seashells can converse evolutionary layout facts through 20 million yrs of place-time. The physics rules included were being derived from what can be regarded to be fractal existence-science spiral clockspring forces reflecting aspects of the Nous torque force.

The electromagnetic language of the evolving sphenoid bone has been learned to be the exact as the shed Greek Audio of the Spheres language, utilized for seashell evolution. Definitely, if we want to know had been evolution is taking us, then we ought to talk to the sphenoid. Acquiring figured out its electromagnetic language it then becomes feasible to create futuristic survival simulations by way of room-time, in purchase to deduce the technological innovation necessary to be created by our childens’ kids, and this will let for our peaceful transition into the long run.

If Homo Entropicus helps make the easy appropriate quantum organic soar now, then entropic catastrophe will be avoided, that’s why Fuller’s use of the time period Utopia. It is feasible to look at the Platonic-Fullerene chemistry with our present out of date chemistry to depict the drama of Fuller’s alternative involving Utopia or Oblivion. The logic foundation that upholds entropic chemistry is derived from the periodic table of things, synonymous with the common harmful energies of entropic atomic decay. The Platonic definition of evil, was that it was a damaging property belonging to unformed subject in just the atom. We may well examine the state of affairs of Homo Entropicus going out with either a bang or a whimper. When it fees more that a barrel of oil to attain a barrel of oil, civilisation, as we know it will no for a longer time exist.

It is encouraging to discover that on the 24th of September 2010, Professors Paolo Manzelli and Massimo Pregnolato had been awarded the Georgio Napolitano Medal by Dr Giovanna Ferri on behalf of the President of the Italian Republic for chemistry analysis executed by their Florentine New Renaissance Task. Their do the job can be deemed to be at the slicing edge of the human survival science centered on the balancing of the new lifestyle-science with the present entropic environment-watch.

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