October 2, 2023

Y M L P -229

How Communication Happens

REVOLution-A New Technological know-how of Interaction

A little something curious happened! I had to experience it to believe that it! About 8 years ago, I was with a nonverbal mate and mentor, whom I heard shown telekinetic qualities on occasion. But this was the to start with time, but not the final time I witnessed it. At the time, she was upset, seemingly at me, for not currently being ready to hear her silent terms intuitively. Angrily, she jumped up and down and pushed her brow towards mine. I was at a decline. I stepped back again and picked up my Iphone, seemed down at the screen and observed the word “REVOLUTION.” typed on it. Neither of us experienced touched the cell phone. Terms appeared on my Apple iphone and iPad a few periods soon after this original incident.

Five a long time later, I gained a textual content from my sister about an unsettling predicament in the news. Before I had a likelihood to style a reaction, the words “DOMINOES ARE Falling” appeared on my cellular phone. Unlike when the term “REVOLUTION” appeared, I was by itself, with no any mystical companions around me. How or why it transpired, I do not know? Possibly it was just some glitch in technological innovation, or as I suspect, another energetic anomaly presented to catch my focus, and broaden my recognition of unseen realities.

Considerably has occurred considering the fact that those fateful text appeared, in particular of late. Now in the middle of a pandemic, George Floyd’s surprising murder has activated people today all-around the entire world, to appear jointly, need justice, and ignite significantly-necessary conversations about law enforcement and political reform. Possibly the magnitude of this principally youth-lead revolution transpired for the reason that the collective evolution of people today is finally ready and equipped to provide each individual other and the earth we simply call household.Telekinetic crafting rarely occurred, but quite a few of my nonverbal mentors quickly typed messages with or via me. I opt for to refer to this at the moment misunderstood course of action as ECC-Energetically Linked Interaction. It is a mystery – a futuristic technology of interaction I cannot thoroughly comprehend or clarify. It is a partnered type of interaction, exactly where our ideation looks to intertwine and stream by way of our combined awareness. Using ECC, one particular of my, silent friends scribed it:

“When we type or create together, we meld our souls as one, escalating our power and magnetism to unite with source electrical power. You are me, and I am you-union at our core. This partnership strengthens each our realizing. My precision is topic to your agenda and moi constraints. In some cases you are pure, open, and un-obstructive. Other moments, you develop a barrier I must circumvent.”

Amid the pandemic and continued protests for reform, I am shocked at the pace of which the “DOMINOES ARE Falling.” A crucial mass sad with the position quo proceeds to variety as I pondered the principle of evolution as it relates to this looking at this around the world “REVOLUTION.” I searched through my past ECC notes from silent souls, for clues.

“Ascension approach underway. A burst of electricity particle igniting the hearts and minds of males. Re-analysis of priorities likely to materialize-additional supplying-less taking, emotion earth politics less than an ominous violation-revoking duty to serve the simple needs in every inhabitant’s existence.”

“Stewardship is the perspective of the upcoming. Manage and electricity are getting driven out by the essential mass of souls. Enjoy of a group of souls is returning. God is happy. Retain the religion in the course of turbulent instances. Elevation of souls united, change outcomes.”

“Variety, loving souls are the most potent channel for improve. Be a part of with each individual other, deepen your link. We are wiser with each other than apart. Heartfelt dreams make new resonance for our world – frequency is elevating to new heights amidst our troubled times. Do not get discouraged. Deliver our earth into the consciousness of men and women open up to an advanced believed necessary to carry a change of heart and thoughts, in which “joined believed” frees the moi from dominance. Specific greed subsides as the fantastic of the numerous surpasses the desires of the personal. Religion becomes unified in bringing stability fairly than discord. Love opens the doorway.”

I hope via these hard and turbulent moments, these effective actions for systemic adjust positively alter present problems of racial, social, and economic inequities and elevates us to need a much more loving, equitable entire world for every person. May perhaps this kinship blossom into a perception of stewardship for the world we connect with household and all its inhabitants, plants, animals and minerals-a return to the Garden of Eden.