October 2, 2023

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The Silver Skull by Mark Chadbourn

The Silver Skull is e-book a single in a new collection – Swords of Albion. Author Mark Chadbourn gets things off to a smashing begin with a swashbuckling hero who battles the Faerie Realm in an alternate Elizabethan England. Chadbourn, has gained the British Fantasy Award two times. A previous journalist, he is composed eleven novels as well as non-fiction. This is the very first e book of his that I have go through. It is not going to be the previous. I carefully appreciated this entertaining historical fantasy adventure.

Will Swyfte is the biggest of Lord Francis Walsingham’s spies and there are individuals who speculate why a spy would want to be so nicely identified. But it really is only a facade so the people will have a hero to search up to and Will can address up his real duty and the correct purpose of the spy network. But now England is threatened by a supernatural pressure that intends to eradicate the human race. Beneath the Thames a procession of lights moves towards the impregnable Tower of London where a exclusive prisoner and a highly effective artifact have been saved for twenty several years. The developing is breached, the guards killed and the prisoner, a potent doomsday weapon, is launched. Now England’s best spy have to combat the darkness just before the country is ruined. He is vowed to defend his Queen and place from a mystery enemy, the Fae, who are consorting with Spain. He has one more rationale for hating the forces of Faerie. When he was more youthful they stole his 1 legitimate like and he are unable to neglect her. If Will are unable to end the enemy from getting three magical artifacts, the Cranium, the Critical and the Defend then England will fall.

The historical depth in this e book sets a plausible backdrop for a spy who could pass for a fantastical James Bond. Will Swifte, adventurer, swordsman, rake and the biggest spy is a more substantial than lifetime character. James Bond has his Q and Will has Dr. John Dee, a member of the magic formula service. He provides the unbelievable devices for Will and the other spies. I believed all the people were well developed and sympathetic. Tension abounds and the scare variable is higher as they are pitted in opposition to supernatural threats and a little bit of horror in a late sixteenth century paranormal England. Chadbourn sets a speedy pace with loads of twists and turns. Very little is as it looks. It’s an excellent examine. I’m hunting ahead to the subsequent in the collection.

Publisher: Pyr (November 24, 2009)

ISBN: 978-1-59102-783-6

Paperback: 425 Webpages

Value: $16.00