September 28, 2023

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Understanding What is Sales Portal Technology

Multiple Sales Portal Development and Marketing

A sales process that is effective requires a clear understanding of the sales portal that will be used. A sales process that delivers the products or services consumers need while also delivering the convenience and speed needed for order placement is a sound strategy. To understand what a Sales portal is, it is essential to consider that there are three types of sales portals – centralized, content-based, and sales driven. Understanding what each type is and how they interact with each other is the first step towards determining which would be best for your business.

Centralized Sales Portal

Centralized Sales Portal The sales process within this type of sales portal occurs in an online location such as an eCommerce website. This type of sales portal enables a business to sell its products and services more quickly. Products are listed on the site and a variety of payment methods can be used, such as through PayPal, Google checkout, or debit cards. This type of sales portal is ideal for companies that have a strong eCommerce presence, as it allows customers to easily make purchases without having to leave their desks.


Content-Based Sales Portal The sales process within this type of sales portal is exactly like it sounds. Customers browse a site that contains a variety of products, including those from your company. The products are then clicked on, and the order process begins. The site does most of the work, including collecting the customer’s contact information, including name and address, and sending out an email or SMS message containing information about the order.

Content Based Sales Portal

Content-Based Sales Portal Content-based sales process within this type of sales portal is much like it sounds but on a smaller scale. Rather than a website, customers log onto a mobile application hosted on a third party’s server. From there, they can easily browse through your company’s products and complete all of the necessary action required to place an order. Mobile apps are commonly referred to as “apple sites,” as they function more like an on-screen app that’s been designed to perform a specific task. For example, a visitor to your site may view your featured products, then search for a specific product number by browsing through their device’s interface.

Hybrid Sales Portal

This type of sales process within an online marketing sales operation is a combination of the previously mentioned types of sales portals. A customer-first visits your website and then navigates to an app, which acts just like an online sales broker’s website. The app contains your contact information, such as a phone number and address. Once a buyer inputs their information, the app sends a text message or an email containing the link to your sales portal. From there, the buyer signs up, pays by credit card, or purchases the item(s) you’re offering.

Sales Portal Technology

To take full advantage of what is sales portal technology, it’s important to implement best practices for business sales training. First, ensure that your sales employees have a strong understanding of the functionality of the portal software. Next, implement a process of training your sales staff on how to use the various features and functions of the app to boost conversions and increase profits. Finally, train your sales employees on how to complete the various tasks that make up the sales process within your website or app. By implementing these steps, you’ll be taking full advantage of what is sales portal technology.