May 28, 2023

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What are the latest startup trends in B2B tech startups

Starting a problem solving B2B startup or Business to Business startup can be highly profitable if it is operated and managed efficiently in the right direction. In the case of B2B, it is all about the value that one organization offers to the other. The higher the problem the higher the value an organization needs to offer. Some of the recent trends in B2B startups are related to Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Data Science.

If the technology used has a high problem-solving capability, then it can give better output with minimal inputs. According to a source more than 75% of the Indian B2B startups work on technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. These technologies have a high level of problem-solving capabilities and the ability to be intelligent algorithms so that the process of automation can be easier which further can be used for cost-cutting.

Starting a B2B startup is tough in comparison with a B2C startup because in the case of B2B the entry barriers are quite high while in the case of B2C the entry barriers are quite low but the stakes are quite high. In the case of a B2B startup, one needs to have a plan for 20-year-old window. Over the past few years, our metropolitan cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi-NCR has become a hotspot for B2B startups.

So if we talk about a city like Bengaluru, it is home to more than 400+ MNCs and research centers. The city offers a high-quality talent pool in technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and Digital Marketing. Some of the best startups implementing artificial intelligence technologies are Sigma Data Systems, Day1 technologies, Fusion Informatics Limited, etc.

When we talk about B2B startups the competition is cut-throat but the fruits of these high-risk yielding are very sweet. A recent survey shows that most of the startups are making the use of content as a tool to brand their organization as well as to attract their fellow audience. In the age of social media, the customers believe in their philosophy of responding to social media posts than answering a phone call. Most of the startups these days are making use of freelancers for their content generation as well as content marketing activities. As a result of which there is more need for the ‘Digital Marketers’ these days to market out the content and to various ad campaigns to attract their fellow audience.

Nowadays more and more startups are making the use of mobile marketing technologies to bring more website visits and increase their digital sales by minimizing their marketing efforts. According to the sources most of the B2B startups are trying their hands on Health Care, EnterpriseTech, Fintech while the other segments may include customer relationship management, alternative lending, expensive management, medical internet of things, artificial intelligence and 3D Printing, Blockchain and Robotics Automation.

Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous rise in the B2B startups that is from 26% in 2014 to 43% in 2018. Most of these startups are trying their best to capture the market and for this, they are spending aggressively like anything. As we say goodbye to the years of 2010’s we can predict that the decade of 2020 will be for the startups connected to the Internet of Things and this phenomenon is going to rise exponentially. The technology of Internet of Things may be used for transforming the lives of people as well as various businesses.

According to various sources, the banking industry is going under tremendous changes and this disruption may further continue because of the growth of the Fintech startups. This may further make a huge demand for crypto and blockchain technologies. Nowadays corporate accelerators are playing a good role in nurturing the startups by providing them the right technology and the right market to access. Some of the well known corporate accelerators are NetApp, Cisco, Target, Intel, Swiss Re, Bosch, Oracle, Airbus and also some of the Indian entities like Axis Bank, Yes Bank, Essel Group, etc. In the case of B2B startups, there are two kinds of startups, ones who are building products to capture the Indian market while the others who want to capture the global markets. In the era of 2014, there were around 3100 B2B tech startups while in 2018 there have been around 7400 B2B tech startups.

In the end, we can say the opportunities to become a technology entrepreneur are exploding like anything. As a result of which more and more job opportunities in the field of technology and the internet of things may increase exponentially. This further may create a need for digital marketing technologies and associated things. This digital technology can be used for retargeting and remarketing the products to the customers.

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